• Title of the project: One size doesn´t fit all: similarities and differences in an aging Europe
  • Focus: analysis of the population growing older and decreasing workforce 
  • Publishing year: 2006 
  • Partners:  Trade Union: SIPTU (Ireland´s largest trade union), OPZZ (All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions). Cultural Association: EXA TEAM (Italy). Non-profit private foundation: FOREM (Spain) 
  • Funding: European Commission fund


Overall objective:  

This project aims at studying a European common challenge that is the decrease of the birth rate and the increase of the number of pensioners. This social phenomenon, that is broadly speaking a global phenomenon because it does not interest only Europe but all the developed countries, is due to the improvements in living standards and health assistance. Thus, this project seeks to investigate the decrease in the number of money-making people in the working force and how it could be possible to maintain the elderly population at work. The result of this research project is the publication of three booklets related to how maintain senior people at work in different European member states: Denmark, Italy, Spain and Ireland. 

Immediate objective: 

The second booklet gives an overview on different European contexts from the perspective of seniors-including detailed figures and information trends. 


  • The booklet presents different chances to implement active ageing policies and practices, that includes lifelong learning, working longer, retiring later, being active after retirement and engaging in capacity enhancing and health sustaining activities. 
  • It gives an overview on what managers in small and medium sized enterprises (SME) within EU think about seniors. 
  • It presents an experience originated from the SAW project dissemination impact: the case of Provincia di Roma in Italy. More specifically, EXA TEAM has realised a research focusing on the analysis of unemployed seniors in the province: number, age, gender, education; best practices in Italy and Europe to manage the phenomenon of ageing; ideas for a training pathway directed to the employees of the Province Employment Centres to develop their competences regarding this specific target. 



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