SOLIDAR Social fairness in Europe and globally

SOLIDAR is a European network of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working to promote social justice in Europe and worldwide. It was founded in 1948 to sustain international cooperation between social aid organizations connected to the labour movement and its headquarter is in Brussels. It consists of more than 60-member organizations based in 29 countries. SOLIDAR´s members are national CSOs in Europe (24 of them are European), while other are non-EU and EU-wide organizations. They share values of solidarity, equality and participation, that inspire their work in different fields of activities. SOLIDAR has the aim to support, guide and represent its members in front of the EU and international institutions by implementing various initiatives, such as active lobbying, project management, coordination, policy monitoring and raising awareness across its different policy areas.

This network of Civil Society Organizations has many partnerships and cooperation with progressive civil society, labour movement organizations and progressive parties. In addition, SOLIDAR is member of the SOCIAL PLATFORM (the European platform of social NGOs), CONCORD  (EU NGO Confederation for Relief and Development) and the Lifelong Learning Platform (European Civil Society for Education). SOLIDAR collaborates in a great number of European projects in Eastern Europe, more specifically in Albania and Serbia, where FIC is actively implementing different activities of raising awareness among workers as SOLIDAR´s member.

SOLIDAR is structured in an Annual General Assembly, SOLIDAR board and the Secretariat. The Annual General Assembly is planned once a year and all full member organisations can attend this annual meeting, where they vote the Board members. The SOLIDAR board members meets at least three times at years and they are voted in for a period of three years. The Secretariat has a vital role of coordinating all the organization´s activities and it is headed by the Secretary General, that not only functions as link between the General Assembly, SOLIDAR board and the Secretariat, but also promotes SOLIDAR and its values externally.

You can read more information about SOLIDAR on its homepage: