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Forum for International Cooperation is an international non-profit organization (NGO) operating in Denmark, Europe and East Africa (Tanzania and Kenya) since 1995

FIC aims at realizing global equality and solidarity by increasing and developing people´s social, economical and democratic rights and promoting opportunities for better life conditions, regardless of their backgrounds or origins. Thus, FIC´s projects are focused on the area of life-long education; improvement of working conditions and labour rights; youth and senior employment; integration of emigrants; inclusion of women in the labour market; intercultural dialogue in Denmark, Europe and Africa; raise awareness of these issues on the national and international level. Its values are based on the UN and Human Rights Conventions, the EU Charter for Fundamental Rights and ILO´s Conventions on Labour Rights.

FIC´s network in Denmark and East Africa

Forum for International Cooperation (FIC) is an international NGO founded in 1995 in Copenhagen, Denmark, with activities, collaborations and offices in Denmark, Europe and East Africa. It consists of a complex network of collective and individual members up to 200,000 people. FIC´s headquarter is located in Copenhagen but there are also other four branches over Sjælland and Jutland. FIC has also an office in Nairobi, Kenya, and a large quantity of cooperation with local trade unions and youth organizations all over Kenya and Tanzania. In addition, FIC collaborates with a youth and senior network, Global Seniors and FIC Youth. Its Secretariat in Copenhagen and Nairobi is in total employing 9 people, and it is directed by Claus Larsen-Jensen and co-directed by the Development Manager, Carsten Andersen. As an NGO, FIC´s work combines organizational professionalism with an active democratic involvement of members and volunteers. All these collaborations and partnerships are entangled to provide core capacity, knowledge and different types of expertise in professional project management and leadership. At national level, FIC is member of Global Focus, a Danish membership body for NGOs working in international development. At a European level, FIC is member of SOLIDAR, a European network of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working to promote social justice in Europe and worldwide.

FIC´s activities and achievements

When FIC was founded, it was primarily focus on training, education and development of the dockworkers´ conditions in Denmark as well as internationally in Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya, Georgia and Romania. Even though global equality and solidarity remain FIC´s core values, since 2006 the international development activities of FIC have been changed and now mainly focused on creating labour market for vulnerable social groups, including youth and women. Currently, FIC´s activities are centred on:


  • Information and debate activities on EU and European issues

  • Education and study tours in Europe on European issues (non-formal and informal learning activities)

  • European projects related to integration in the labour market of asylum seekers and emigrants

  • International Development programs in East Africa targeting mostly youths and women and aiming at their employment, inclusion and empowerment in the labour market


All FIC´s projects are successfully implemented and positively affect the Danish, European and African civil society in terms of raising awareness, developing Human Rights and empowering. For example, up to five East African trade unions and leading labour institutions have benefitted from FIC´s projects. In fact, they strengthened their organizational and team-building skills, they realized communication campaigns to spread awareness of the importance of the trade unions and labour rights in Tanzania and Kenya. So, by targeting a large group of workers, they have improved the working conditions for more than 12,000 workers and even more than 50,000 young adults have benefitted from FIC´s employment programs.

Other positive results of the intercultural dialogue among FIC´s offices in Europe and East Africa and the local stakeholders, as trade unions, youth organizations and leading labour institutions:

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