• Title of the project: Seniors and Workplaces
  • Focus: Strategies to maintain elderly untrained and trained workers in the labour market 
  • Started year: 2004 
  • Finished year: September 2005 
  • Partners:  

Transporting and Home care business:  The New Traffic Company (DTN), City Traffic, Suså-and Hvidovre municipality´s home care, PBH-home care. 

Trade Unions: HTS-A, FOA, 3F, LO-Greater Copenhagen and Ældre sagen (Dan Age)  

  • Funding: The European Union: “European Social Fund- Article 6 Innovative Measures”


Overall objective:  

The purpose of the “Seniors and Workplaces” is to develop strategies for maintaining untrained and trained seniors in the labour market, since according to EU statistics, seniors (+50) in 2050 will make up 33 % of the population.  

Immediate objective: 

By conducting a series of research interviews among employees and employers in two different sectors, transport and home care business, the project seeks to reveal business specific opportunities and barriers for maintaining senior at work. The survey findings will provide some models and tools to central actors for changing the labour market.  


  • Senior employees are very attractive as a working force as a working force for their experience, and companies presents a general positive attitude to implement senior policies. 
  • Most of the employees show interest in maintaining a connection to the labour market even when old. 
  • Many employees suggest to working fewer hours without pay loss and with full pension plan payments. 
  • Offering flexible work schedule for hard physical work and employments with different types of tasks. 
  • Labour market made more attractive to the seniors with the possibility of more responsibility and more challenges. 
  • Changing the work environment especially the time pressure and implementation of interval plans. 
  • Organization of regular staff meetings to include the employees in the finding and implementing senior policies.



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