• Title of the project: Way forward for Kenya County Workers
  • Focus: Improving working conditions in Kenya´s newly established 47 counties 
  • Stated year: 1st July 2013 
  • Finished year: 31st December 2015 
  • Partners: Kenya County Government Worker Unions (KCGWU)  
  • Funding: CISU/UM funds 4.206.414,00 DKK


Overall objective:  

The project aims at improving the employment conditions for workers living in Kenya´s 47 counties in terms of decent income, good health, safety at the workplace, anti-discrimination (gender, ethnicity/tribe, age etc.) at workplaces, compliance with collective agreements and legal rights in employment.    

Immediate objective: 

  • Approx. 15,000 members of KCGWU are trained regarding their rights both as employees and as citizens in Kenya. 
  • The project addresses also KCGWU´s 47 divisions, that represents the 47 counties in Kenya. All these divisions strengthen capacity building skills and know more about union´s functions in the field of education and administration/economics. 
  • Raise employees´ awareness and interest for the trade unions and their rights through awareness campaigns in the 11 counties. The target of these campaigns are all employees not members of KCGWU or other trade union´s associations. 



  • The National headquarter establishes departments for administrative and financial management, education and industrial affairs. 
  • Models for allocation of resources and duties are presented and distributed at KCGWU´s headquarter and local departments established. 
  • 22 representatives from 11 subdivisions of the KCGWU are trained in employment legislation, conflict management, negotiation techniques, democracy, communication and other areas of interest. 
  • Communication, administration and financial departments are developed and 80 representatives at national and county level are trained in these fields. 
  • 72 representatives from local divisions in the 11 counties are trained in public relations, advocacy and strategy for advocacy. 
  • 36 union leaders are taught in monitoring the union´s finances. 
  • Raising awareness campaigns for involving more employees in trade unions are developed, tested and implemented. 
  • Membership campaigns and meeting are arranged to inform members about their rights under the labour legislation and the KCGWU´s Articles of Associations.



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