The History of FIC

This is how it started ...

FIC was established on 14 March 1995, under the name HIUC

(Havnearbejdernes Internationale Uddannelses Center). HIUC was in charge of a number of education projects, including the creation of a harbor school in Romania and a capacity of dockers’ unions in Mozambique.

14. marts 1995
HIUC changes name to Fagligt Internationalt Center for Uddannelse

In 1999 the name was changed from HIUC to FIC. The new name was Forum for International Cooperation with the name of space developed FIC to include new project areas.

Focus on education, employment, labor relations

FIC changes name to "Forum for International Cooperation". Today we work with projects that focus on education, employment, labor relations and capacity building in Denmark, Europe and Africa. You can read more about specific projects in each country. The three pillars of our activities are: – European debate and information – European projects – International development

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