African partners FIC´s partners in Kenya and Tanzania

Through the Decent Work and Labor Rights Program, FIC collaborates with two types of organizations: 
- Unions 
- Youth organizations 
The Decent Work and Labor Rights Program started in 2015 and was primarily focused on strengthening partner organizations capacity to create better working conditions in the labor market and better job opportunities for young people in Kenya and Tanzania. We are currently working on Phase II of the program, that is planned to be completed until 2019. The activities of this  second phase are built upon the results of Phase I and they aim at improving or continuing to better  working conditions and young people´s job opportunities in Kenya and Tanzania.

The partners are:


TAMICO (Tanzania Mines, Energy, Construction and Allied Workers Union): TAMICO was registered as a trade union in 2000 and has been one of FIC's partners since 2008. TAMICO has about 10,595 members and organizes members employed in the mining, energy and construction industry.

KUDHEIHA (Kenya Union of Domestic, Hotels, Educational Institutions and Hospital and Allied Workers): KUDHEIHA's members are mainly employed in service jobs in the hospitality and educational sectors. KUDHEIHA was established in 1951 and has been one of FIC's partners since 2016. The majority of KUDHEIHA's members are in Mombasa.

KSCWWU (Kenya Shipping, Clearing and Warehouse Workers Union): KSCWWU was established in 1989 and has been one of FIC's partners since 2012. KSCWWU organizes members engaged in shipping, clearing and warehousing in the import and export of goods. KSCWWU has its head office in Mombasa and the trade union has around 750 members.

SUK (Seafarers Union of Kenya): SUK was founded in 1958 and has been one of FIC's partners since 2012. SUK organizes seafarers and has about 100 active members. 


TYVA (Tanzania Youth Vision Association): TYVA was founded in 2002 and constructing a free, fair, democratic and peaceful society where young people participate actively and effectively is at the core of TYVA's vision. TYVA has about 400 members - primarily in Dar es Salaam.

OMT (Open Mind Tanzania): OMT was founded in 2006 and has the mission to transform the world into a better place for people by strengthening unity that will ensure a moral and economic development for everybody but especially for young people. OMT members count around 50 young entrepreneurs. 

YOA (Youth for Africa): YOA's mission is to support and promote young people's potentials in personal development. This will improve the accessibility of young people for the labor market.

YAK (Youth Alive! Kenya): YAK's vision is to construct a free and equal world. YAK is working for the independence of young generations in Kenya, and it especially aims at empowering and giving more choices for their future.

AYT (Africa Youth Trust): AYT was founded in 2005. AYT's mission is that the youth's productive energies become the driving force for peace, equality and prosperity within and across peoples in Africa.