• Project title: More and better jobs for young people in Serbia
  • Focus: support for unemployed youth
  • Start year: 2018
  • Finish year: 2019
  • Partners: 3F South Denmark and 3F Aalborg
  • Funding: CISU, Civil Society in Development and Organizational Leaders from the Serbian Labour Market.


Serbia has a high rate of unemployment as much as most of the Southern European countries. This is due to the fact that the labour structure model and the education system in Serbia are not well connected by combining theoretical and practical education. Consequently, this system does not guarantee young people access to the labour market. FIC, in collaboration with 3F South Denmark and 3F Aalborg, has tackled this problem with the support of two Serbian professional country organizations and employers´ association. The present project aims at planning and implementing a plan to combat youth unemployment and it is supported by CISU, Civil Society in Development. The immediate object of this project was to invite 15 organization leaders from the Serbian labour market in Denmark for one week. During this week they studied the Danish labour market all its methods, models and practices in order to apply this knowledge in Serbia to reduce the level of youth unemployment. The cooperation among all these parties was successful, because it was developed a Baseline Study that maps the challenges of the Serbian Labour Market. However, it also emphasizes the need for the social partners to play a greater role in developing a country´s labour, employment and education policy. The project will be reinstated in 2018 and at the beginning of 2019.


Action plan to combat unemployment in Serbia. 


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