• Project title: Together for diversity.
  • Focus: integration and labour relations.
  • Start year: 2017
  • Finish year: 2018
  • Funding: Danish Youth Council and Tuborg fund


In this project FIC is not only focus on young people access to the labour market and free movement in the EU, but it is also paying attention to inform and include young migrants in the Danish market. Taking into consideration this objective, FIC has chosen to arrange several political and cultural events about integration and labour relations. In connection with the municipal elections, it organized some debates with candidates with background different than Danish. Furthermore, it was planned a meeting with the comedian Omar Marzouk. This project was realised in collaboration with a selected group of young people as FIC Youth and “Multiple Voices-Against Racism” to launch a network called SoF (Sammen om forskellighed that means “Together for Diversity”).

This network consists of young people with different backgrounds and interests in political topics as anti-discrimination and minority rights or access to the labour market. In order to strengthen the participation and influence of young people on the project, the youth´s organisations supported in the choice of the project´s objectives and selection of which thematic areas and activities will be taken into consideration and implemented during the project. The group meets periodically and is currently working on some videos and articles for an e-book about migrant worker´s relations in Denmark, that is expected to be published in fall 2018. This FIC´s project was financed by the Danish Youth Council and the Tuborg Fund.


The result of this project is the creation of a solid cooperation among youth adults and the publication of an e-book consists of videos ad article produced by them.


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