• Title of the project: Education across borders
  • Focus: analysis of the population growing older and decreasing workforce 
  • Publishing year: 2006 
  • Partners: Trade Union: SIPTU (Ireland´s largest trade union), OPZZ (All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions). Cultural Association: EXA TEAM (Italy). Non-profit private foundation: FOREM (Spain) 
  • Funding: European Commission fund


Overall objective:  

This project aims at studying a European common challenge that is the decrease of the birth rate and the increase of the number of pensioners. This social phenomenon, that is broadly speaking a global phenomenon because it does not interest only Europe but all the developed countries, is due to the improvements in living standards and health assistance. Thus, this project seeks to investigate the decrease in the number of money-making people in the working force and how it could be possible to maintain the elderly population at work. The result of this research project is the publication of three booklets related to how maintain senior people at work in different European member states: Denmark, Italy, Spain and Ireland. 

Immediate objective: 

The third booklet outlines the development process and the training curricula developed and for the Seniors Advisor at Work (SAWs) by various partners in the project. 


  • This booklet is linked with the other two booklets relating to the democratic changes in Europe and the similarities and differences identified by the project partners across the different participating countries in the project. 
  • It presents the knowledge, skills and competencies that the partner organisations in the project identified as being necessary to equip SAWs to fulfil their role. 
  • It presents a view of the future context and issues affecting seniors originated from the Irish SAW project: The Senior Citizens Parliament in Ireland. The result of these discussions is an agreement “Towards 2016” between the Irish Congress of trade Unions (SIPTU) and the Government. This agreement aims at formulating a comprehensive policy on pensions. 
  • It presents some ideas and questions to stimulate a debate on the issues with EU, SMEs trade union representatives and managers.


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