• Focus: Control and monitoring of the Posted Workers rights across the EU
  • Started Year: 2018
  • Finishes Year: 2019
  • Partners:  Partners from Cyprus, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Latvia


An overall objective of the project action is to establish active mechanisms for control and monitoring of the posted workers rights across the EU via cooperation, exchange of knowledge and evidence-based approach of social partners, national labour inspections and European agencies.

The action will last 20 months in 10 partners/9 EU MS using a 5-WPs approach. It will result into establishing of a Social Partners’ Watchdog Platform on Posted Workers to operate with a matrix of mechanisms for monitoring of posting processes.
The platform will ensure greater cooperation between the social partners, labour inspections and European agencies. The actors will be participating the kickoff partnership meeting, 6 international road show discussions for 150 persons, 2 working meetings of the new Posted Workers Watchdog Platform and one closing dissemination event – all activities for in total 295 unit persons. Achieving of greater awareness on the application of the PWD/2014 Directive and monitoring mechanisms will be ensured by a European online video campaign (400.000 views).

The project aims to enhance the evidence-based mechanisms for monitoring the implementation of PWD by proposing of a joint flagship document — a tool for a project follow-up cooperation of the social actors and EU MS appointed administrations.

It will improve the access to information on applicable terms and conditions of the PWs employment in the EU MS.

To promote transnational cooperation among public authorities and stakeholders, including the promotion of the use of national IMI and sharing experiences and best practices in this respect.

- Founding the Posted Workers Watchdog Platform

- Encouraging and attracting social partners, scientific institutions and labour inspections to join and prove the annual follow-up agenda of the platform (to be organised by the Danish partner and supervise by the LP of this action)

To increase the accessibility, transparency and quality of the information concerning the terms and conditions of employment to be respected and the existing practises in the Member States to monitor and enforce the provisions of the Posting of Workers Directive;

- Development of a broader awareness and knowledge sharing campaign

- Producing convincing awareness tools of innovative social media nature

To promote the evidence basis through the collection and evaluation of original data, analysis and information specific to the posting process, including through the collaboration between universities across various disciplines, research centres and institutes, and stakeholders.

- Gathering knowledge and contact lists of partners across the EU MS – collecting information on the preparedness of the national focal points on adherence of the PWD and data collection of posting processes

- Establishment of a flagship guide for the project-founded Posted Workers Watchdog Platform




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