• Focus: Empowerment and improved influence
  • Started Year: 2012
  • Finishes Year:
  • Partners: Kilindi Community Development Initiatives (Kilindi CDI)
  • Funding: Partnership activities (306.825 DKK)


Building a strong partnership and a sustainable strategy for community development and empowerment of Community members in Kilindi District


Empowerment and improved influence of community members in community development and development of new and improved farming and business activities by strengthening the local partner Kilindi CDI, development of a strong partnership and development of a sustainable strategy involving local authorities and other relevant stakeholders.

  1. Capacity building of Kilindi CDI: The capacity of Kilindi CDI in administration, organizational development and project management is supposed to be improved through training of leaders and members and support in development of administration systems and a strategy for organisational development
  2. Strategy development: The strategy developed will focus on how to increase community influence and ownership on development and how to improve the cooperation and development of farming and business activities in the communities. A strong element in the strategy development will be the focus on the needs of communities and their active participation and involvement in community development. The strategy development will involve a close cooperation between Kilindi CDI, local authorities and ministries, other local stakeholders and FIC.


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