• Title of the project: Organisational development in the employees´ organisation in the Kenyan port industry, Phase II 
  • Focus: Support the development of a strong civil society through developing a free and independent union. 
  • Stated year: 1st September 2008 
  • Finished year: 31st August 2011 
  • Partners: Dock workers union, Kenya. 
  • Funding:  DANIDA 5.910.980 DKK


Overall objective:  

The overall development objective is to support a strong civil society through developing a free and independent union. 

Immediate objective:  

  1. The organisational capacity to manage change processes is strengthened further. The process is based on the democratic principles in a member-based organisation. 
  2. The organisation is conscious on its role as a civil society organisation in the social dialogue, as an advocate for member´s basic rights. 
  3. The organisation services its members in a visible and expedient way. Duties on the labour market, and to be entrepreneurial in their behaviour, and to train them how to advocate for their rights.  


       Outputs related to immediate objective 1:   

  • Administration incl. FMS and Member database, developed in the first phase, is followed up and rooted in the organisation. 
  • Financial action plan for the next 3 years is prepared and adopted. 
  • The new constitution is implemented on a continuous basis and debates among membership. 
  • Training of 120 shop stewards continued and developed in fields of negotiations, democratic trade union management, human rights, labour rights and conflict handling. 

 Outputs related to immediate objective 2: 

  • Strategy targeting the port privatisation developed and adopted, leading to min. 5 new agreements with private enterprises and 2000 new members. 
  • The developed trade union policies on gender, HIV/Aids and occupational safety and health developed during the first phase, is continuous implemented during the second phase, meaning the majority of membership is aware of policy and it is rooted within organisation. 
  • A union policy on training and education for members is developed and implemented parallel. 
  • Trade union official trained in advocacy in favour of members in theory and in practice. 

 Outputs related to immediate objective 3: 

  • Communication strategy in place and action plan implemented so communication with members takes place on a regular basis. 
  • Image of DWU and officials improved, via communication, consciousness and performance, leading to support of union among majority of membership. 
  • Strategy and action plan on member services determined and implemented, leading to visible and improved services to members, recognised by a majority of the members.


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