• Title of the project: Moving ahead with the youth of Tanzania for employment and influence
  • Focus: Empowerment of the next generation of unemployed youth in Dar es Salaam 
  • Stated year: 1st January 2008 
  • Finished year: 1st January 2011 
  • Partners: Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC) 
  • Funding: DANIDA grant 541.720 DKK


Overall objective:  

This project has the aim to empower the next generation of unemployed youth in Dar es Salaam Tanzania to take initiative, develop and innovate in creating new decent jobs opportunities for young people and to support the capacity building in the youth organisations to be a platform for change for the youth.   

Immediate objective:  

  • Establishment of a Youth Activity Centre in Dar es Salaam run by the youth and the youth organisations themselves as the meeting point training and activity centre for unemployed young people and volunteers in the youth organisations in the City as a platform to the youth get a job. 
  • Building up capacity and empowerment among young people from the project target groups via a systematic training program in the organizational, technical, administrative and financial management to qualify them for ordinary jobs and/or to take leadership in youth organisations and related areas. 
  • Establishment of a Next Generation Job Forum to develop new job and activity opportunities, training, systematic career planning for young people and public-private partnership activities with companies, vocational training centres, authorities for young people in Dar es Salaam region. The centre has to be a melting pot and a step one platform for entrepreneurships to develop new jobs. 
  • Strengthen of TYC and its member organization capacity in Dar es Salaam to play an active role in implementing the national plan for youth employment. 
  • Make young people aware of their rights and duties on the labour market, and to be entrepreneurial in their behaviour, and to train them to advocate their rights. 



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