• Focus: Communication of the DWLR project
  • Started Year: 2018
  • Finishes Year: 2019
  • Funding: CISU, Civil Society in Development


FIC aims at raising awareness about the organization´s work with world goals through two activity tasks. This project is based on the partners´ capacity-building skills and use the FVR tools. They will be employed by the partners to frame their stories and produce short informing videos showing AC´s work and FIC´s cooperation with Danwatch about the workers´ labour conditions in Mombasa and Kenya.

FIC will invite partners and project target groups from the FIC´s East Africa program to Denmark. FIC´s guests will hold a series of presentations about the organization´s projects and results with the worldwide goals as framework. The lectures will be held in collaboration with FIC youth in schools and public events all around Denmark.

Employee rights and the importance of access to decent work in relation to the gender and gender equality are the main themes of these lectures. Before holding the lectures, one day strategic meeting will be arranged in order to plan and discuss about the framing of the presentations and shaped them according to the target group.

Educational institutions, such as schools and universities, and trade unions are the target of this communication campaign.

At the end of the lectures, the FIC´s East African office will produce 5 videos with interviews, while FIC will realize one animation video based on their local partners.

All these videos and digital resources will be posted on the FIC´s social media and homepage.

Before visiting Denmark, the chosen representatives and members from FIC Kenya will follow some workshops, where a journalist will explain how to use the FRV toolkit and the participants will have time to reflect on the FRV principles. After these workshops, they will produce some videos to promote the work of the organization and the importance of the n. 8 world objective in relation to gender equality in the labour market in Tanzania and Kenya.

The videos will also show the challenges and difficulties that FIC and its partners have to deal with. One of the aims of FIC is to reach a broad audience by using a general framing, which must be defined by the partners themselves. In this way, FIC wants to share some of the success of its projects due also to the fact that FIC is one of the few NGOs that deals with the labour market and social dialogue as backdrop of sustainable development. So, by looking at gender issues and world goals from a different standpoint, it shows how certain goals are inseparable in their implementation.

In addition to the public presentation, the video materials will be shared via social media (You Tube, FIC website and Facebook).


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