• Title of the project: Empowerment of young workers in the port of Mombasa, Kenya
  • Focus: Improving young workers working conditions within the port and maritime sector of Kenya. 
  • Stated year: 1st January 2012 
  • Finished year: 31st December 2014 
  • Partners: DWU (Dock Workers Union), the Kenya Shipping Clearing, Warehousing Union and Seafarers Union. 
  • Funding: DANIDA funds 3.133.558 DKK (entire project), annual cost level 1.044.519 DKK


      Overall objective:  

  • This project aims at improving young workers working conditions within the port and maritime sector of Kenya. The main part of the primary target group is male, estimated around 90%. Women are mainly in the administrative, service and cleaning sector, but they were included in the project where possible. 

      Immediate objective: 

  1. Young Workers in the port and maritime sectors are aware of their labour rights and are taking active roles of influencing change towards fairness, justice and greater welfare.    
  2. The capacity of trade unions to champion  rights, concerns and challenges of young workers in the port and maritime sector is strengthened. 


       Outputs related to immediate objective 1:   

  • Young workers from each private company, Grain Bulk and Maersk shipping lines, have either registered a trade union or at least one third have joined a union of their choice. 
  • At least 30% of young workers in the port and maritime sector can demonstrate essential knowledge of their constitutional and labour rights as workers, and can demonstrate basic knowledge on safety at work, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS, consequences and preventive measures. 
  • Young workers in the port are actively involved in affecting their working conditions, including safety and health, HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, sexual harassment, observance of constitutional and labour rights.  

       Outputs related to immediate objective 2:   

  • Young workers´ policy and strategy is developed and implemented in each of the existing trade unions. Issues and concerns that are specific to young workers are addressed. 
  • Membership of young workers in trade union activities and leadership has increased by at least 30% during the second year of the project. 
  • All involved trade unions are capable of and do advocate for young workers´rights at work towards employees/members, towards employers and other relevant stakeholders or decision makers. 
  • The involved trade unions have improved their performance in respect of transparent management, defending members´ rights and obtaining good bargaining results.



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