• Title of the project: Empowering women in Tigania West, Kenya, phase II
  • Focus: Increasing economic independency among women and social empowerment in Tigania West.  
  • Stated year: 15th November 2010 
  • Finished year: 15th November 2013 
  • Partners: SOTENI Kenya (Sustainability, Opportunity, Training, Epistemology, Networking and Independence) and Community Relief and Concern (CRC) 
  • Funding: PATC (Project Advice and Training Centre) grant of 1.950.858 DKK.


Overall objective:  

The development objective of the project is increased economic independency among women and social empowerment in Tigania West. The project will target the women organised in groups in Tigania West and dependent on farming, livestock or activities related to farming. The selected group of women will receive training on how to conduct business and in a second phase of the project also men and children will be included.  

Immediate objective:  

  1. The personal and organisational capacity to develop income generating activities has been strengthened through training and facilitation in business development, development of new or improved production methods and improvement of the organisational work and structures of the groups.
  2. Community support for income generating activities, awareness on HIV Aids and equal rights are strengthened through advocacy activities, training/counselling and affecting local authorities and donors.   
  3. The capacity of SOTENI, CRC and at local level in the wards are strengthened in respect of managing and implementing community-based activities and projects including advocating for improved living conditions at a local level.     


 Outputs related to immediate objective 1:   

  • 50% of the involved 300 groups and their active members have increased both the business activities in the groups and their individual small-scale business activities in terms of increased income, turn over/production, new products and new sales outlets. 
  • 50% of the involved 300 groups have improved their organisational work and structures, prepares minutes of meetings, financial statements and have opened a bank account. 
  • Groups have implemented improved or new farming methods, breeds etc.

Outputs related to immediate objective 2:   

  • 25 women groups or merge of groups have applied for external or local funding and 5 groups have succeeded in attracting external or local funds before 2013. 
  • 30% of the population in the involved communities in TGW has basic knowledge on HIV/Aids, how it is spread, affects, stigmatization, medical treatment and local testing and counselling possibilities. 
  • 30% of the population in the involved communities in TGW has a basic understanding and acceptance of equal rights and gender.

Outputs related to immediate objective 3:   

  • After the first half of the project SOTENI and CRC has established a more formalized cooperation with local authorities and stakeholders on local developments. 
  • After the first half of the project SOTENI implements and monitors local projects activities independently. 
  • CRC and SOTENI representatives supported by local wards have initiated min. 5 advocacy activities for local improvements at District or Constituency level. 


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