• Title of the project: Employment of immigrants and the role of the social partners
  • Focus: Integration of migrants in the job-market  
  • Stated year: 2001 
  • Finished year: 2003 
  • Partners: Veb Consult S.r.l. (Italy), IF-The Initiative Factory (Liverpool, United Kingdom), FNSP-Federatia Nationala a Sindicatelor Portuare (Constanta, Romania). 
  • Funding: European Union Fund


Overall objective:  

The overall aim of the project is to increase awareness and responsibility of Social Partners for employment of immigrants and the improvement of their living and working conditions in the host countries and in the countries of origin. 

Immediate objective:  

  • The aim of this project is to contribute in establishing social dialogue and a strong network among the social partners involved in order to support immigrants in understanding the European job-market and consequently finding a job. In order to achieve this objective, an analysis will be conducted, and the immigration fluxes will be monitored.   


  • Increase knowledge about immigration fluxes and dynamics inside the European market. 
  • Implementation of a communication campaign among the immigrants in order to make them understand the roles of the European job-market, their rights and duties and the role of the Union in the hosting countries. 
  • Establishment of social dialogue and tolerance among employers and employees. 
  • Organizations of events and promotion of some initiatives among the immigrants to raise awareness of the role of the unions among them.


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