• Title of the project: Education on time
  • Focus: Education of unskilled employees  
  • Started year: 2005 
  • Finished year: 2007 
  • Partners: Company: Ambu and Trade Union: 3F 
  • Funding: European social fund


Project description: 

Overall objective:  

The aim of this project is to form unskilled employees thanks to the establishment of an agreement between FIC and Ambu that will consist of organizing targeted education planning and further training in Ambu´s European warehouses and distribution centre in Ballerup.  

Immediate objective: 

This project realized in cooperation with Ambu A/S has the immediate object to prepare the employees to acquire new competencies and skills in order to be able to cope with high-demanding tasks. 


  • All the planned education goals have been achieved. They also exceed 45% in terms of vocational courses and further education, and over 50 % in terms of education. 
  • Organization of trainings and vocational and educational trainings according to the needs of the employees and the partner organization, Ambu. 40 employees received every week a professional qualification within 200 days of vocational training. Eventually, the training has reached far more than expected because 287 days of professional education were completed. 
  • The program has managed to complete 247 days of general upgrading of employees. The genral qualifications consists of individual competence, teaching for employees with learning problems, Danish language, management, business and IT skills.    



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