PROJECT INFORMATION Decent work – decent life for child workers in the mining sector in Tanzania

  • Title of the project: Decent work – decent life for child workers in the mining sector in Tanzania
  • Focus: Improvement of life conditions for children and youth working in the mining sector 
  • Stated year: 1st February 2008 
  • Finished year: 1st April 2008 
  • Partners: Three local partners:  Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC), Good Hope, Tanzania Mines and Construction Workers (TAMICO). 
  • Funding: Minipuljenørn-720x380-2-750x500.jpg


Overall objective:  

This project seeks to contribute to providing decent work and decent life for children and youth in the mining sector in Tanzania. 

Immediate objective:  

This project has three main immediate objectives: 

  • Empowering children and youth working in the mining sector in Tanzania to advocate for their rights and basic working conditions to organise for decent work and decent life. 
  • Enhancing opportunities for education for youth and children in the mining sector.
  • Promoting employers and public authorities´participation together with youth organisations, trade unions and other stakeholders in taking social responsibility to reduce, minimize and get rid of child labour in the mining sector. 


  • Presentation of a joint proposal for Child Labour.
  • Realization of a public awareness campaign on child labour to the public and stakeholders. 
  • 40 schools, 10 out of school youth groups, 20 village committees and child labour committees to be involved. 
  • 800 children are enrolled in education and vocational training. 
  • 100 households trained in business and entrepreneurship. 
  • Implementation of a training programme for trade union educators and activists. 
  • Employment of tools for statistics on child labour. 
  • Development of capacity building in TYC, TAMICO and GOOD HOPE.
  • 75 youth facilitators are trained as trainers and 2000 children and youth are trained on their rights and empowered to be active in youth organisations.



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