PROJECT INFORMATION Bringing men to equality and worklife balance

  • Title of the project: Bringing men to equality and worklife balance 
  • Focus: promotion of gender equality in relationships between men and women 
  • Stated year: December 2005 
  • Finished year: February 2007 
  • Partners:   Four different private and public organizations: Bernard Yves Consultant in Marseille (France), Municipality of Jerez de la Frontera, Area of Equality and Health (Spain), Kaunas Country Governor´s Administration (Lithuania). All these associations collaborated in the framework of the European project All Together. 
  • Funding: DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the European Commission and CPMR (Conference of Peripherical Maritime Regions of Europe).


Overall objective:  

This project aims at raising public awareness of the role of the men in promoting gender equality, in particular the role of men and fathers in the conciliation of professional and private life. In fact, this project is based on the idea that men and women have to be equally involved and concerned to resolve inequalities based on gender discrimination and this requires to change the cultural attitudes shaping society through collective conceptions and values, both at home and at work.  


Immediate objective:  

The research conducted by this partnership wants to contribute to greater attention, information, understanding, public debate and advancement of men´s participation in the care sphere, be it assuming greater familiar and domestic tasks or taking on additional responsibilities. This project seeks to be a guide also for public organizations and companies in finding ways to ease the overall load on people with both professional and family responsibilities to share the burden of care more widely among economic and social agents and individuals, within the family and with social and corporate support to the family.  

Results of the activities developed by this partnership 

  • Conduction of European researches through surveys to evaluate how far men participate in gender equality issues in national contexts. 
  • The development of two European Decalogues, one for men, the other for companies and organizations, arguing the need for men to take a substantial part of caring tasks. 
  • The publication of a guide for organisations setting practical conditions that flavour men´s further participation in family and professional life. 
  • The implementation of awareness raising activities and their dissemination in the countries, such as Denmark, France, Lithuania and Spain, participating in the project and around Europe through the influence of the leading organisation, the CPMR.


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