Maria´s interview – November 2018

On the 13th of November 2018, Maria, a woman from Bulgaria, talked a little about her experiences and life as immigrant in Denmark. This interview realized by FIC will be used to develop a digital Tool-Box that will guide migrants and refugees in their search for job, education and finding an accommodation in Europe. The interview was made at 3F´s headquarter in Copenhagen. During the interview Maria said:

At the beginning it was challenging to move and get used to live in Denmark because I moved with my husband and my two children. So, I have many things to do and no time to learn Danish. Now we have been living here for 6 years and we are happy to be in Denmark. Especially my two sons are well integrated, and they speak Danish fluently. Before emigrating to Denmark, we did lots of web searches to know how to find a job and live in the new country.”

The development of this Tool-Box is an Erasmus+ project made by FIC in collaboration with SOLIDAR, 3F Copenhagen and some partners organizations in Romania, GEOECOPOL and Ofensiva Tinerilor, and Albania, Dev-Aid.