SOLIDAR´s meeting at FIC´s headquarter

On the 17th of December SOLIDAR´s Board meeting was held at FIC´s headquarter in Denmark. There was a large participation from different CSOs  gathered at FIC to discuss about the ongoing Erasmus + projects and possible collaboration. FIC´s CEO, Claus Larsen Jensen, was present at the meeting as Board´s member and chairman of SOLIDAR´s political […]

FIC-Director elected to SOLIDAR’s Board of Directors

In connection with the annual general meeting in SOLIDAR, Brussels, 29 June 2018, the FIC Director Claus Larsen-Jensen was elected to the Board of Directors of SOLIDAR. Together with more than 60 other organizations in European countries, FIC is a member of SOLIDAR, which works to promote social development and popular education and support integration […]